Sep 2011 01

Graphene, the revolutionary material discovered recently in 2004  has been showing tremendous capabilities and applications and with recent investigations, scientists say it could dramatically increase what we all intense internet users never have enough from: the broadband internet speed.

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And is not that internet is that slow nowadays (well in some part of the world it does) but an increase in the speed by which data is being transfered could lead us to a very interesting and promising world, where connectivity reaches a wider variety of applications, making our lives faster and smarter.

This is possible as graphene acts as a material to transmit information with its superconductive properties, letting electrons flow at extremely high speeds. The problem is that this material could only absorb as much as 3% of the light inflicted on it, but now, with this applied breakthrough known as plasmonic enhancement, the scientists combine graphene with tiny metallic structures called plasmonic nanostructures; enhancing the material’s light-absorption up to 20 times.  The study conducted to obtain this advance  was  recently published in the Journal of Nature Communications.

Even there’s still a long way to reach the massification of this material, this kind of research proposes a whole new generation of electronic devices in the near future, with wonder-like capabilities that, as of today, can only be seen in movies or in the minds of sci-fi novelists.

As a bonus I share with you this video with some examples of other possible applications of this wonderful material.

What other applications do you think that could be developed using this material?

Source: BBC – Graphene could help boost broadband internet speeds

Aug 2011 14

I’m a 23 years old entrepreneur and even I’m still young I know I already have made assumptions and several analysis of human interaction with, its environment, other units of life, objects, visual stimulus, abstract concepts, etc. and that demonstrates me that, in the future, if I keep on modeling (as I’m trying to do now) these interactions and mapping their routes to find patterns and guess the next steps, I can be a valuable asset for a social simulation system in which external variables such as temperature, time, light conditions, date, and so on, millions of different types of data interact with human conditions, emotions, actions, reactions, etc. I know it is possible to break down all of this into pure logic and a system to process it and I’ll be able to make it a reality.

May 2011 10

Decidí aventurarme a cubrir la pasada #marchaNacional por la Paz del pasado domingo 8 de mayo que se llevó acabo en varias ciudades del país; en mi caso fue la ciudad de Monterrey.

La marcha comenzó al filo de las 5:30 PM en la plaza de Colegio Civil esquina con Juárez, para avanzar hasta Morelos y posteriormente ingresar a la Macroplaza, terminando enfrente del Palacio de Gobierno.

Vaya que fue todo un suceso, tuve que andar corriendo, tomando fotos, poniendo el tripie, fue una locura pero valió la pena. Con el material que obtuve realicé este video. Al realizarlo de verdad me conmovió recordar esos momentos y escuchar a toda esa gente reunida gritando sin cesar, unidos por una misma causa.

No les cuento más, véanlo ustedes mismos:

¡Exijamos lo que es nuestro! Unámonos y manifestemos nuestra conciencia de la situación. Nuestro pueblo no merece esto.

Apr 2011 29

Sorry, haven’t been in the mood of writing anything, there’s still millions of electrical waves tearing me apart from that space in time.

I’ve been playing a while with my camera, starting to see nice results that I’ll be sharing with you periodically.

Here’s just a random take at home, with some friends doing some Poi Spinning and me dancing. Hope you enjoy :)

The world is out there, go for it!

Jan 2011 31

I have a little confession to the people who read this blog; I’m working in a Creativity Enhancement Work-Methodology, which you’ll hear more from in the following months. The thing is that I’ll need to be working regularly with groups of people which will contribute to the improvement of this investigation of mine.

If there’s anyone interested I’ll beg you to shoot me an e-mail to alessio [@] so I can count with your help to make this; of course people helping me will be rewarded. (:

As a bonus, I share with you one of the images that I most like, it illustrates how the creativity fills your mind with color and then you start to see things with a different perspective.

I found it on Deviant Art long time ago but I couldn’t recall the author; if you know it please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can thank him for letting me use his image.

Cheers, keep your mind shining on.

Jan 2011 28

Have you ever heard of Bollywood? If I had to describe it in a graphic way, I think this would be my bet. Just when you thought that action has reached its limit of exaggeration, it surprises you with something even more exaggerated. Be sure to watch it in full screen.

It’s like Terminator Hindu Style to the 5th power. The special effects are amazing though.

I would like to imagine this but in a mexican style, that would be awesome… no, really not.

Thanks to Meneame

Jan 2011 27

Since the invention of the method of paying with credit card over the internet, there has been no mayor changes in the way we exchange our goods for others and/or services, that is about to come to an end. No doubt, such technology and social breakthrough is coming not only due to super complex scientific investigations and government funding; the private companies are going one step forward with their huge investment in consumer loyalty improvements and now the one that’s in the spotlight is Starbucks.

They have taken advantage (still not too much) in this race to a non-paper money world. They’ve just unveiled their Starbucks Card Mobile App, which means they’ve improved the gift card system and make it leap to the digital world and best of all, directly to the power of your hand.



With this new app that it’s already available for iPhone and Blackberry (Android coming soon), you’ll be able to charge your “Starbucks account” with money via a credit card transaction or connect it directly with your bank account, then you’ll be able to select the product you want and be given a QR code that will be scanned and permit you to receive it, that way you don’t need to carry money anymore for your daily coffee gossip. This app also has another advantages, like letting you know the directions to the nearest Starbucks or the reward system that gives you free products when you reach a certain number of bought products. This certainly will increase their number of transactions and make their customers feel like they’re reaching the near future (and they are!).



Lots of companies right now may be running toward their developers to start figuring out the next app of this kind, still for consumers it would be a headache to have hundreds of this kind of apps to pay in each one of our favorite stores, there’s still a lack of an universal app for this (wink wink) kind of transactions to become easier and make us depend less on paper money, which is the goal towards the future.

Source: Singularity Hub – Paying for Starbucks with your iPhone or Blackberry now in 6,800 locations

Jan 2011 24

Even though lots of people believe great ideas are born deep in the minds of great people, the truth is that this ideas we’re never conceived on their own, they were built up inside our heads with the trigger of certain electrical signals that interacted with those that came from the physical world we live in through our senses, sparking a premise that lead to others and together with execution, changed the history and condition of an uncountable number of living and non-living things.

These triggering signals are rich in content for some people, for some people they are not because they don’t want to make the mental effort to find this real value. One alternative  is, we can always rely on one richer channel of development and mind enhancement; the communication we have with other species (specially with our own) which can create complex but rich signals for us. Signals come in, we compare them with ours and transform our structure of thinking,  rebound to change the structure at the other tip of the channel, that’s how we grow our knowledge and push development further; it’s the benefit of interaction, which always needs a connection between at least two elements.

For instance, this can be exemplified by the square root term, mainly because of it’s (unintentional I believe) hidden message it has within, where any number to the power of 2 will always get bigger in an (obviously) exponential way. And also the term “root”, which means the fundamental part of something bigger, keeps growing on the background, getting longer and stronger everytime until it’s able to hold the huge structure upon it.

Square Roots by Keareanome in Deviant Art

This enhancing relationships aren”t difficult to obtain, the main problem is that people are mostly closed to the slightest signals that trigger this way of processing the information and creating, that’s why it’s so important to let yourself go in delirium and let the world turn your mind into an extraordinary bag of ideas, converging with one another to form a supper of imagination and dreams, which are the roots of innovation.

Innovation is endless, don’t believe everything has been done.

Jan 2011 14

Future as Hollywood blockbusters show has made us think that the tendency of science fiction to become a reality will still be far away from our human perception (Back to the Future’s flying cars in 2015 can’t be forgotten) and even some try to scare the hell out of us making us think disasters approach faster than supposed; that’s also not true.

The truth is, not so many have depicted in a correct way the real impact of today technologies in our everyday lives in five years; they’ve failed to connect the actual dots we have to model an accurate urban-like interaction between animals (humans in this case) and machines.

They’ve missed the point of foreseeing, not even they try to profit about it (unfortunately?) but still we have this scientific news to let us dream and get the most of this future tendencies. I can’t imagine how many people never tought about this mash-up.

A company called PLX Devices has developed a device that you can wear (like a helmet); which will identify some signals from your brain and transmit them via the iPhone jack (used for headphones) so a Mobile App can translate them into actions (here is where the possibilities are endless). Said in a short and simple way: your phone will turn into a mind-reading device to control any compatible device you want (TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, computers, all gadgets in general).

Of course that this technology will not be impressively accurate at the beginning but hey, we’re just in 2011, try to imagine thousands of people improving this kind of technologies in 5 years; very promising stuff.

“Brain Reading” (in a particular way, cause we create what we want to read) it’s an incredible branch of science which is recently starting to really impress with its capabilities of improving human-machine interaction, and now it’s entering to a field where it can reach the most valuable of all audiences, the average consumer.

Not only because of the profitability, but also because this situation makes manufacturers and innovators stretch their minds to solve everyday problems and make life more complicated easier for us selfish animals and for me that means infinite possibilities that are going to be quite interesting and a great source of inspiration for us visionaries to develop our next life-changing projects.

If you want to find about more about this app follow the link below.


Jan 2011 06

Isolation has proven to be a way of suffering (mainly the mental one) but still, this pain has brought nothing more but force and desire, to change things the way they are.

I have failed several times, but I will fail another thousand times until I get it right.

Cause that feeling, in my mind… I smiled so much when I saw that world, that can be conquered, you just have to concentrate.


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