Jan 2011 27

Since the invention of the method of paying with credit card over the internet, there has been no mayor changes in the way we exchange our goods for others and/or services, that is about to come to an end. No doubt, such technology and social breakthrough is coming not only due to super complex scientific investigations and government funding; the private companies are going one step forward with their huge investment in consumer loyalty improvements and now the one that’s in the spotlight is Starbucks.

They have taken advantage (still not too much) in this race to a non-paper money world. They’ve just unveiled their Starbucks Card Mobile App, which means they’ve improved the gift card system and make it leap to the digital world and best of all, directly to the power of your hand.



With this new app that it’s already available for iPhone and Blackberry (Android coming soon), you’ll be able to charge your “Starbucks account” with money via a credit card transaction or connect it directly with your bank account, then you’ll be able to select the product you want and be given a QR code that will be scanned and permit you to receive it, that way you don’t need to carry money anymore for your daily coffee gossip. This app also has another advantages, like letting you know the directions to the nearest Starbucks or the reward system that gives you free products when you reach a certain number of bought products. This certainly will increase their number of transactions and make their customers feel like they’re reaching the near future (and they are!).



Lots of companies right now may be running toward their developers to start figuring out the next app of this kind, still for consumers it would be a headache to have hundreds of this kind of apps to pay in each one of our favorite stores, there’s still a lack of an universal app for this (wink wink) kind of transactions to become easier and make us depend less on paper money, which is the goal towards the future.

Source: Singularity Hub – Paying for Starbucks with your iPhone or Blackberry now in 6,800 locations

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